Evolution and Human Sexual Behavior

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The women who used contraception with more estrogen were most sexually active when they were in a less committed relationship.

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On the other hand, women who used contraception with more progesterone were the most sexually active when they were faithful and loyal to their partners. The researchers surveyed two groups of women. All the women were using hormonal contraception and were in committed, heterosexual relationships.

17. Human Sexual Behavior III & Aggression I

One group consisted of women that researchers followed over a week period. The women were asked how often and when in their cycle they had sex. The second sample group consisted of women in long-term relationships who used hormonal contraception.

This group was not followed over time, but the researchers asked them how many times they had had sex in the past week. This type of study - using data collected at a specific point in time - is called a cross-sectional study. Both groups were asked to indicate the type of contraception they were using, and if a pill, which brand it was. Even though the authors cover various broad areas of human sexuality, it would have been interesting, and perhaps helpful to the ongoing discussion of sexuality if they were to focus more readily on sexual assault and rape.

Contraception influences sexual desire in committed relationships

Gray and Garcia cover some aspects of sexual coercion and rape in the book, but the topic is not given much attention in comparison with other concepts. The authors do describe to a certain extent some underlying evolutionary reasons for forced copulation, along with social and cultural reasons for controlling female sexuality.

As such, the authors also engage in the discussing concerning the gender double-standard and how social and cultural beliefs help shape the expression of sexuality in various societies. Still, it would bee helpful if the authors would engage in topics that feminists have long discussed in connection with rape, such as rape culture and the evolutionary tendencies to claim that men rape to ensure reproductive success creating a rape culture in which men are not responsible for their actions.

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The issue of reproductive success and rape in evolutionary theory falls short when discussing rape and sexual assaults on those of the same sex, those too young or too old to successfully reproduce, when rape is done in concert, or when rapists use condoms.

Gray and Garcia's arguments are there, and they are important, but they could preferably have been extended on. Towards the end of the book, the authors do provide an important point of view that can be tied in to the discussion of rape and sexual assault overall. By understanding the influence of the evolutionary process, the role of biology in behavioral proclivities, and the cross-cultural patterns, we can better understand sexuality and the human condition.

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These lines of research do not seek to justify or condemn sexual behavior. Humans are not prisoners of our natural history.

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We have evolved remarkably complex and big brains for the explicit purpose of making decisions. We have evolved intricate cultural practices to modify the mind" p. Another evolutionary topic that has received much attention is that of sexual orientation, especially in terms of genetics being "born that way" or choice I choose my sexual orientation.

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The authors discuss the influence of birth order, high perinatal androgen hormone exposure and digit ratios, but do not fully engage with the discussion. Homo; evolution; genetics; hominin; life course; life history; neuroendocrine; polygyny; sexual behavior; sexual function; sexual selection. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U.

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